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With the Fashion Week mood fast settling into Europe from across the Atlantic, I look back at the first article I wrote only recently for Back To Black on the brilliant British designer Amanda Wakeley and her Japanese-inspired A/W14 collection.

“Back with her A/W14 collection, Amanda Wakeley takes a continental leap from the African tribal influences in her previous collection to even further east as she draws inspiration from the rich Japanse culture.

After a brief hiatus from the London Fashion Week schedule, the mistress of glamour returns to salute the fearless Samurai warriors and pay tribute to the poised Geisha women. A task well accomplished by the body-armouring maxi coats and kimono sleeves.

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Except for the splash of dark brown here and there, the general tone on the runway is the understatedly dazzling black and grey no non-strangers to the lady herself wouldn’t recognise. Though the collection makes up for the lack of bold colours with even bolder cuts and sharp silhouettes, as seen in the largely featured black leather corset belts over a delicate black dress or bustier. Whilst sheer cropped jumpers and grey knit fuse the leather-heavy collection with dimension.


The blend of confidence and grace is captured here with the clean, no-nonsense contemporary take on a traditional kimono outerwear. Layered on top of gutsy leather trousers and pointed ankle boots, the slick teaming up makes this one of the best representations of the oriental essence.”

Link: http://backtoblackmagazine.com/amanda-wakeley-aw14/

This may be pure bias but in my eye, any designer who sources inspiration from the East deserves extra brownie points. So I just can’t pass this opportunity by without showing some admiration for Ms. Wakeley’s creative choices. But all partiality aside, I personally adore the minimalism in this collection. Black just looks good on anyone, and I mean, ANYONE.

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Love, Oliver

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