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Album Review: BROODS “Evergreen”


A brilliant EP and two seasons of world touring later, BROODS (consist of New Zealander brother and sister, Caleb and Georgia Nott) have finally arrived with their much anticipated debut album, Evergreen. Tipped as the “One To Watch” by iTunes UK (and yet you still can’t buy the album anywhere in the bloody country!), the duo began building their fan base in late 2013 upon impacting SoundCloud with their debut single Bridges.

Ever since the initial digital explosion, I’d been anticipating a full-length album. Though the self-titled EP released in January was sufficient to keep me satisfied for a few months, going more than half a year without new music from them still took a massive toll on me and my (im)patience… That said, this album is definitely well worth the wait!!


The album is rightfully labelled as “brutally honest” by the creators and that, it is. It’s always commendable when artists put personal stories into their music and it’s even better when they do it well like this pair do.


The album kicks off with the lead single Mother & Father – that sings about human ambition and life decisions, with anthemic beats that just encourage the urges within to clap your hands and sing along to the uplifting chorus. The album opener is followed by current single, Everytime which presents us one of the highlighted moments on the album where Georgia is allowed to let loose as she belts with anguish.

The track that introduced myself to the music of BROODS, Bridges as well as Never Gonna Change, the follow-up single from the EP are too included in the album and still giving me the first time feelings. They each precedes and exceeds L.A.F (for those puzzled by the acronym, it stands for Loose As F**k), perhaps the most joyous you’ll ever hear from them. Still, the track manages to maintain the signature eerily melancholy sound. L.A.F contains my favourite line from the album /your restless limbs are going wild – come into mine, cuz they’ve got you/. I particularly enjoy the clever choice of words that perfectly conveys the message behind the song, simply to get loose with a friend.


From there on, the album smoothly transits into a submerged mellow mood with Sober. Evergreen and Medicine truly showcase the talent that runs in the Nott family as Caleb and their younger sister, Olivia’s harmonies can be heard in respective tracks. Then the dreaminess leads us to another remarkable moment of the album. This time for a completely different reason to Everytime. In the tear-jerking Four Walls, Georgia lays her vulnerability bare for all to hear. Not until this point that I could fully appreciate what they meant by “brutally honest”.

After the emotional ride the latter half of the album has taken you, the album ends on a more positive note. The album closer Superstar expresses the gratefulness for and longing to a distant someone, which wraps Evergreen up in full circle.


The Grammy-winning producer, Joel Little must be applauded for not losing the cleverly written lyrics in his minimalistic yet in parts intricate synth-based production, on which Georgia layered her beautifully breathy and hypnotic vocals.

Sharing the same producer and nationality. The siblings are probably sick of the comparisons to Lorde (who reportedly is their biggest fan) but in my honest opinion, even at this early stage, BROODS have shown much more musical dimensions. Plus, there’s more of a relatability in their music that can reach out to a wider range of audience, who unfortunately are still oblivious to this indie-pop masterpiece.


Love, Oliver

*For those so fortunately located in New Zealand, the album is available to purchase on iTunes whilst the unlucky, like myself, will just have to be patient… meanwhile, here’s a video for the lead single Mother & Father,

The brilliance that was Bridges, and Never Gonna Change’s cinematic video that’s dripping with Sia teas (get it? Dripping…)

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  • Reply
    Juan David Cruz
    December 1, 2014 at 3:36 am

    Amazing album! One of my favorites from this year, L.A.F is my anthem and Four Walls slays my soul, love this duo!

    • Reply
      December 1, 2014 at 10:57 am

      It is one of the most solid albums I’ve heard in a long long time – they’re amazing!!


  • Reply
    claire nutman
    April 23, 2015 at 8:04 am

    Cool album x

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