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Track of the Week: Kate Miller “Fortify”

Neophyte - EP

For those who are unfamiliar with the newcomer, Kate Miller is a singer-songwriter and art student based in London.

Fortify kicks off with a strong percussion laced with a steady synth that’s bound to be an instant hook. The decorative guitar riff in the chorus and mellow vocals sound as though Daft Punk (think Lose Yourself to Dance) and Jessie Ware had made an Indie, artsy baby. Though the lustful lyrics might suggest that the talent who penned them is anything but innocent.


Fortify is not exactly a new track. It premiered a couple of months ago on Miller’s SoundCloud, but it’s just become available to download on iTunes last week (OctaHate much?) so yeah… any excuse to include it on my blog because it’s just too good.

However, a couple of remixes on Miller’s new track Collar Up were posted on her SoundCloud this past week. Including this one by NYC-based producer, Belanger;

Remixed or otherwise, Collar Up is generally more infectious and crowd-pleasing in comparison to Fortify but both tracks play to different strengths of this rising star.


All I can say is “watch this space”.


Love, Oliver

*Fortify is out now whilst the debut EP Neophyte (includes Collar Up) is available to preorder on iTunes UK (out 28/09).

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