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Paris Diary, Part I: A Trip to Remember

Still can’t believe I’ve finally been to Paris after all these years! It still feels so surreal to me that I sometimes find myself just pausing for a second or two to let the experience sink in. It’d been a long time coming.


First things first, I like to apologise for not keeping up to date with my Paris Diary as I landed in the fashion capital of the world with an exhausted laptop and its charger left behind in my Manchester home.

The good news is, I had my notebook with me so I was able write down my thoughts everyday and compile a series of photos – some of which I’ll be posting on either LookBook, Instagram or Twitter (make sure you follow @oliverinstead on all platforms) but you see them here first-


Day 1 was a very early start. I was up at 3 in the morning, out the door by 4 and landed in Paris at about 9 local time.

I’m no good when it comes to air or any other types of travelling, so most of my first day there was spent in bed recovering from the deprivation of sleep and travel sickness, not a look I’d fancy sharing online. But as a bonus, I’m going to go ahead and post one picture of my evening outfit, and I feel no shame in saying that it was not too dissimilar from the daytime one…

DSC_0005Shirt: Topman | Skinnies: Topman | Brogues: Jasper Conran

Quite obviously I didn’t give the look much thought – it was simply a throw-anything-on-and-hope-it-looks-alright kind of outfit so not much to write about, but dinner at this traditional French restaurant called Chez Marie Louise was brilliant. The atmosphere inside seemed very cozy and intimate but we decided to sit outside as the warm summer evening seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

The food was faultless and the owner was friendly, charming and attentive, whose name sadly I failed to note. Although, if you have the patience to scroll through all the (positive) TripAdvisor reviews, I’m sure you’ll find it… and the waitress was lovely too.

Thinking back now, that was probably my favourite meal of the trip!


Day 2 I had my first Fashion Week experience at the Louvre – starting with a visit to the iconic museum that I thought I’d only ever see in films like The Da Vinci’s Code (great film too btw).

My ultimate favourite of all has got to be this quartet of paintings by Giuseppe Arcimbolo. I’m personally very much drawn to quirks like this, which makes this a particular stand-out selection among all the other pieces in the Denon wing, including the Mona Lisa. I’m afraid to say. Whilst the Denon Wing interior was mind-blowing, I find the Sully Wing absolutely fascinating. I mean the mummy and mummified animals just topped it for me.

Anyway, back to business – seeing that the sun was shining bright and the sky was clear with next to no clouds, I decided to go for   amore “colourful” outfit.

blog001DSC_0035blog921Top: Topman | Tartan trousers: Topman | Loafers: Florsheim

These may be my favourite trousers ever! I love the fact that it’s formal but can still be worn casually rolled-up. Also, I think they really suit these new shiny patent leather loafers by Florsheim I bought especially for this trip. On top of everything else, you can wear them with any colour envisionable… seriously, they do. I challenge you to think of a colour that they don’t sit well with.

In fact, I had originally planned to pair these tartan bottoms with a black River Island oversized tee but the sunshine seemed too good of an opportunity to pass on without giving this super slouchy (= comfy!) oversized top some time out for fresh air.

Some fresh, Parisian air.


Later on in the day, after a quick coffee break near the River Seine, I was lucky enough to be able to go inside the ZipZone showroom at Paris Fashion Week on the side of the Louvre just off Rue de Rivoli to browse at the up and coming designers’ collections. Not too bad for my first Fashion Week attendance… Jokes! It was a bloody fantastic opportunity seeing what truly goes on through the eye of an insider!

Big fat thanks to everyone who made it happen pour moi!!

Here are some pictures taken in the venue:


The model-turned-designer Stefano Tartini (website) presenting his stunning jewellery collection.

DSC_0125DSC_0134DSC_0130-001DSC_0143-001Myself with the rising womenswear designer Yu Zhou from Yuzzo London (website).

It was such a pleasure meeting them both – detailed articles on their brands and current collections should follow very soon!


As good as Paris was for wandering around, doing it for more than 12 hours straight everyday wasn’t so much fun for the feet. Plus, it was another early start the next morning with more exciting fashion-related plans ahead so I had to say bonne nuit at this point!!


Love, Oliver

*Part II of my Paris Diary I’ll explore the city from up above… My brief encounters with BryanBoy and Linda Tol at PFW were pretty memorable too. Bless Linda though… she knows what happened. 😉

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