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Paris Diary, Part III: Strange Sunday

On day 4 in Paris I learned that Sunday was not a good day for having any plans at all.


I had originally dedicated my Sunday for clothes shopping, which had to be postponed since NOTHING was open… except for the little independent cafes and restaurants and Marché de Montreuil, which was chaotic. It reminded me so much of the markets back in rural Malaysia but with far less sophisticated organisational system. There were mounts and mounts of second-hand clothes you’d need hours to rummage through. I tried on a few Burberry coats in very good nick but none of them fit me as well as I hoped they would.


From the limited choices, we chose to venture down to the River Seine and go on the boat ride to see some of the most incredible sights in Paris…


Short sleeve shirt: H&M | Skinnies: Topman | Shoes: Frank Wright

I considered this as my take on the sailor look made famous by legendary French fashion designer and style icon Gabrielle Chanel – I called it the “alternative nautical“… Really it’s just something I made up on the day. I didn’t even realise it remotely resembled the sailor print when I put the look together. *chuckles* Anyhow, this top is an online bargain I bagged from the sale for less than a fiver when H&M were giving out a free delivery code. I hate having to pay for deliveries… Frankly, in this day and age, there really isn’t any excuse for big brands to not provide free delivery… or complimentary Wi-Fi for that matter.


The river cruise lasted for bang on one hour! It was a struggle trying to see the actual sights when most of them were hiding behind tall walls and bushes but I managed to snap a few good shots:


The ticket cost €14, so not exactly cheap!! Paris wasn’t cheap. You could do the tour for half-price with a Metro pass (make sure you take a brochure when you purchase your ticket) but you’d have to get one of the Bateaux Parisiens boats from near the Eiffel Tower, which is a bit more off the beaten path unless you happen to be in that area or staying around there.

However, taking into account how little was on offer that day, it was 60 minutes pretty well spent.


Love, Oliver

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    October 18, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Jean Paul Gaultier, another fashion designer, also used the sailor boy look quite often. The style looks good on you.

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