My ASOS Under-£30 Jumper Choice

Earlier this week I made an OOTD post with a mustard jumper (if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s here) and then I realised that actually, I don’t have that many jumpers myself! Note: If it’s not over 10, it’s not enough in my book. So I put together a list of jumpers I most like to own this winter from a little convenient online fashion treasure chest called ASOS, all of which £30 and under!

While I was browsing through their selection, I happened to find one similar to that mustard jumper!


As I go through my picks , I’ll also share some tips with you on how I would style each piece to suit myself. But remember this is fashion, it’s all subjective to personal interpretation!!


So, here comes my first style edit:

– Jumper 1: Cable knit: £20 –

Cable 1 - £26 Cable 2 - £26

Starting with this staple style for any man’s wardrobe – consider a nautical red-white-blue colour scheme or the opposite, keeping the rest of the ensemble monochromic.

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 2: Mesh: £30 –

Mesh 2 - £30 Mesh 1 - £30

Skip this one if you’re after warmth and snugginess… Otherwise, it makes for a great head-to-toe-black look that’s not in the least dull or monotonous (yes, it is possible) on days when you just don’t know what to wear or simply can’t be bothered putting together an outfit… Yeah, we all experience tough times like that. I have a similar one from Zara that I like to layer on top of a plain long sleeve undershirt.

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 3: Cashmere: £30 –

Cashmere 1 - £30 Cashmere 2 - £30

Again, this is a classic that any man could use, especially in this colour. Utilise it as the extra POP! for your outfit and go easy on the colour with everything else.

Buy this jumper – it comes in blue too.


– Jumper 4: Grid: £30 –

Grid 1 - £30 Grid 2 - £30

I really like how it’s styled here. It’s definitely a look I could see myself in… this, or grid-on-grid.

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 5: Novelty: £18 –

Novelty 1 -£18 Novelty 2 -£18

For those who dare to embrace their quirks and fun side. Personally, I’d avoid any unnecessary distractions and stick to the colours it comes in to create an over-all look – e.g. yellow shirt, olive green skinnies or chinos and black (patent) leather shoes. On a second thought, if you’re confident enough to acquire something as cool as this, you probably wouldn’t need any advice on dressing up oneself. 😉

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 6: Tartan: £30 –

Tartan 1 - £30 Tartan 2 - £30

Tartan is one of those trends that never get old. Add a dash of bold colour, like a custard yellow or a bright pink if you’re comfortably in touch with your feminine side. Alternatively, be creative and clash it with one other patterned item. Be it your scarf, coat or bottoms or all of the above if you’re feeling courageous.

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 7: Dye: £20 –

Dye 1 - £20 Dye 2 - £20

This is a trend that you could truly go all out with. On this instance, wear it over colour-matching checked shirt and plain trousers. The key is to own it!! In every sense of the word.

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 8: Patches: £20 –

Patch 1 - £20 Patch 2 - £20

I love elbow patches. Not because they remind me of Mr. Bean but they’re just so timeless (as is Mr. Bean) and instantly add 20 Smart Points to an outfit without coming off as trying too hard – a plain white shirt and/or a well-tailored suit in an equally neutral colour is all you need. Finish it off with some dress shoes or trainers depending on the occasion.

 Buy this jumper

– Jumper 9: Floral: £30 –

Floral 1 - £30 Floral 2 - £30

Floral for men is always tricky. This particular piece is much more subtle than a lot I’ve seen and evidently, casual blue jeans work a treat here. Sadly, the same cannot be said about every floral print but the general advice is to try denim and don’t overdo it.

Buy this jumper

– Jumper 10: Texture: £30 –

Texture 1 -£30 Texture 2 - £30

Last but not least, my favourite piece from this list. Admittedly, I’ve been having quite an obsession for textures as of late. Combining the neutral colour that adds to the versatility and the quilted feel that can only mean extra cosiness. This is my dream jumper to brace this coming winter in!

Buy this jumper – it’s also available in black!


There you have it. My top 10 budget ASOS jumper trends. There is something for everyone and you can shop them without even getting out of your couch… what more could you want? Right?

Jokes. Buy these jumpers, then go out for a walk. Get some fresh air.


Love, Oliver

I like to know what you think – comment below and tell me how else you would style these jumpers and trends!!

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  • Reply
    October 18, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Some nice jumpers to consider buying on this autumnal day. But tartan is much more than a trend. It’s ageless and suits most people – even non-Scots!

    • Reply
      October 18, 2014 at 6:05 pm

      This is true to an extent. Tartan “the trend” is adapted by designers from tartan “the traditional pattern” for contemporary fashion garments. It doesn’t always dominate the runways but you’re guaranteed to see one or two designers use it even in its off-seasons. But I do agree, it’s flattering on anyone and I’m set out to add more of it to my wardrobe. 😉

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