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LC:M S/S16 // Universal Works

With the theme “Not Another Catwalk”, Universal Works’ S/S16 presentation took place in the stunning St George’s church in Bloomsbury, London.


Founded in 2008, Universal Works is led by director and designer David Keyte, who has spent 30 years in the game and sources inspirations from his upbringing in the Midlands and childhood memories of his elders’ work attire and everyday dressing.


Combining elements of a runway and visual installation, Keyte has teamed up with Nottingham-based filmmaker Allan Buxton to creative a fun stop-motion animated film that ingeniusly showcases the collection on not-a-runway.DSC_0814 copy DSC_0821 copy DSC_0844 copyThe video follows a series of comedic scenes starting with the models suiting up in an assembly line to getting blown away by a giant fan to eventually, the designer himself waving goodbye to the viewers flying on a rocket backpack (BRB saving up for one of those…)

What a brilliant way to breathe some life and personality into the clothes!!


DSC_0850 copy DSC_0852 copy


As successful as the animation is, I somehow feel it has ever so slightly taken the attention from the fashion. In the sense that there really hasn’t been enough discussions on the collection itself… which I thought was fantastic.DSC_0845 copy DSC_0848 copyFor the British brand’s latest offering, the focus is all on fun, fit and functionality this season. While the first concept is cleverly conveyed via the tech-savvy approach, the garments themselves are understatedly chic and contemporary.DSC_0861 copy DSC_0863 copyAs intended by Keyte, the tone palette is kept rather dark and earthy. White, navy, beige and other sandy shades prove dominant – making this a very accessible and wearable style for everybody. Meanwhile, the occasional appearances of a minimalistic print give stylistically more adventurous gents some room to put their own stamp on an otherwise sophisticated look.



Love, Oliver

*The stop-motion animation can be seen here on Universal Works’ official YouTube channel.

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    July 4, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    What a lovely collection, very minimal and a great colour palette! The animation sounds very interesting.

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    Nafisah Atcha
    July 4, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    I like this collection! looks very cool xxx

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