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Five gifts to consider this winter: for him

Words & Photo: @oliverinstead

The winter is just around the corner and apart from the cold, the following months generally bring tons of gift shopping, wrapping and giving. In fact, Christmas is less than two months away and Thanksgiving is even closer (for those who might be reading from the States) so I have put together a list of five items I always find myself circling back to when I’m stuck for gift ideas.


one Perfume & toiletries

Although this can be a thoughtful gift, it is also slightly risk because everyone has a nasal preference but whatever scent he fancies, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something in L’Occitane‘s collection of Eau De Toilettes for men.


two Footwear

Since mankind has only created so many styles of footwear for us men, it’s not difficult to guess what someone is into in this department. However, if you’re really unsure then the general rule of thumb is that everyone could do with a pair of classic trainers in their shoedrobe…

Then it’s just a case of figuring out his shoe size, good luck! 😉


three Accessories

In a similar vein to footwear, accessories is also a safe option because it’s not as obvious as a Christmas jumper or onesie but can still have that expensive feel – it’s all about that box that they come in. Give him something mininal, i.e. a silver cuff bangle then you won’t have to experience that “Oh… Thanks but this is too out-there for my style” situation.


four Books / Magazines

If he is not into his fashion then proceed to ask yourself, does he have a fav author, series of books or magazine that he reads religiously (not in a ‘bible’ kinda sense)? If so, then I suggest getting him an annual subscription or a collection of said books/magazines.

This is a relatively risk and fuss-free gift idea for two reasons : 1) it’s pretty much tailor-made for him 2) many magazine or newspaper subscriptions come in e-edition nowadays, which brings us to…


five Gadgets

This category will open up a whole new scope for your gift-hunting mission; Kindles, tablets, cameras, MP3 players are just some of the gifts I have both given and happily received in the past. BUT, if your budget doesn’t permit this level of luxury then consider an accessory like a laptop case or camera bag that will complement his existing gadgets… the possibility is endless.


Follow this guide and I’m sure your hubs, bae, dad, son or bro will be a very happy man this festive season but remember always, it’s the thought that counts and on that note, happy gift shopping and I will see you in the next post.


Oliver ❤

Fashion Outfits

#thebootbrigade • w/ Kurt Geiger

Words: @oliverinstead • Photos: David

A confession real quick : Kurt Geiger is a brand that I adore but only ever shop at when I’m prepared to splurge, which I rarely am as I like to save my money for other things too, i.e. travel. So when the footwear retailer invited me to participate in #thebootsbrigade social campaign, I wasted no time in jumping onto the project. Continue Reading


My autumn 2016 playlist

Words & Photo: @oliverinstead

My music preference shifts with the seasons and autumn to me is always a good time for ballads, slow R&B, music made to be felt more so than listened to. Music that I can personally relate to on an emotional level. So when Panasonic invited me to share my playlist, I selected five of my #mood tracks that I think you need to check out and perhaps even add to your own autumn playlist.


one Stayin’ Alive – Say Lou Lou

Even though I may not seem the most qualified to describe this as “nostalgic”, to say that I grew up with Stayin’ Alive wouldn’t be such a stretch either since the original version was one of my dad’s fav songs. Say Lou Lou is one of the acts that I’d been trying to get into for a while but I’m really loving them for what they’ve done to this disco classic. [ Listen ]


two WILD (feat. Alessia Cara) – Troye Sivan

I’m a massive, MASSIVE fan of both Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara. I think they are some of the more talented new artists we’ve heard in the last couple of years, so of course I was going to love this song. I mean as much as I appreciated the solo version, Alessia’s performance really gave it a lift. [ Listen ]


three Lovesick – Banks

Ever since I played The Altar for the first time, this is the one track that I cannot get off my mind. I’ve always admired the brave honesty in Banks’ music and Lovesick is possibly one of the more shameless musical confessions she’s ever made.

Fun fact: Banks was the first ever artist I paid to go and see… the fact that Josef Salvat was the supporting act made it easier for me to spend that ticket money.


four Episode – Gallant

The Prince #throwback vibe is strong with my fourth choice. I strongly believe that Gallant has one of the most legit male pop vocals in music right now and Episode is the only proof I need to back up this statement. [ Listen ]


five Rise Up – Andra Day

A little late on the Rise Up train but it’s better late than never, right? Right. Hands down my fav ballad of the year, I particularly enjoy Rise Up for its “cinematic” quality : something that just feels perfect for a depressing film or slow dancing to with your other half in the kitchen with the lights dimmed and spaghetti boiling over in the background. [ Listen ]


If you like my playlist, perhaps you would enjoy it even more on Panasonic CD Speaker, their range of powerful multi-room speakers means you can now enjoy all your fav music wherever you are.

So what kind of music do you enjoy? Share your autumn playlist below as I would love to check them out… y’know I be on the lookout for new music, always. 😉


Oliver ❤

Fashion Outfits

Tailored trousers & trainers • w/ Scotts Menswear

Words: @oliverinstead • Photos: David

It’s no secret that suit and tie aren’t my thing. I don’t feel fully myself in them. I’m convinced that I look like a clown when dressed head to toe in tailoring. However, that doesn’t stop me from experimenting with some elements of tailoring in my outfits now and again, which is exactly what I’ve done for this post with a little help from Scotts Menswear. Continue Reading


Five things to look forward to in autumn/winter

Words & Photo: @oliverinstead

Lately I’ve been blogging a lot about fashion, which on first thought makes sense since this is a menswear blog but more precisely, I’ve been very much obsessed with seasonal fashions as evident herehere and here Rightfully so too because this transition from the Indian summer we’ve had into autumn/winter is my fav time of the year and I’mma tell you why:



Muted tones aren’t frowned upon… as much. Usually when I wear black and white, my mum shouts at me for dressing “like I’m going to a funeral” and while every other fashion blogger would shove their own edition of How to Look Hot When It’s Not in your face, I opt to embrace the monochrome… a little more so than I do during the rest of the year.



Also known commonly as wrapping up warm, “layering” is something that I hate to love : even though I enjoy putting together a killer winter ensemble, I was made in & for the tropics… my body cannot handle much of the cold so it’s always a great internal conflict for me when winter comes.

P/S I have plans to do a post on keeping your layering game at 100/100 so if that’s something you’d like to see, please comment below and let me know.



Now is my chance to experiment with accessories. Since I’m guilty of not accessorising quite enough normally, winter is the only time I get to play with things like scarves, gloves, sometimes even hats (?)… basically anything that I do not need throughout the rest of the year, except for winter.



Some of the best and biggest sales take place in the autumn/winter – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, after-Christmas… It’s just a very valid excuse to treat yourself and buy anything you want because you feel like the splurge is totally justifiable when the prices are so much more reasonable now!



There is a new-with-tags camel coat I bought earlier this year in my wardrobe that I cannot wait to snuggle up cosy in! Because if you read my knitwear tips here, you’d know that the summer is actually a brilliant time for shopping winter clothing providing that you follow my guidelines, e.g. keeping your hands off the trend-led pieces and refusing to pay full prices.


For your mens winter fashion inspo, check out Jacamo and their extensive coats and jackets selection here. But before you do that, be sure to let me know in the comments below what you’re looking forward to most this autumn/winter! Until next time, stay awesome!


Oliver ❤