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My kind of tailoring

tailoring001Words: @oliverinstead • Photos: David

Not long ago at a work event, I wore a suit jacket for the first time paired with some almost-matching smart trousers, and the experience has inspired to create this outfit. In this post, I like to show you guys how I would interpret modern gents tailoring, my way.

较早前我因为工作穿了我平生第一件处女西服后有感而发搭配了这套造型。所以在这张帖里,我想给大家分享一下我如何以个人较为“另类”的穿法来呈现西方正式的套装。 Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

Five ways to spice up monochrome

oversizedwhite002Words: @oliverinstead • Photos: David

Let’s cut to the chase because you all know what to expect when you click into this link – black and white have long worn the ‘boring‘ label but in this post, I like to show you a few tips and tricks to spice up an outfit, or even an entire wardrobe consisting of nothing other than black, white and every shade in between.


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Fashion Outfits

Leather Monochrome

Words: @oliverinstead • Photos: David

I was so close to title this Leather Monochrome or How to Keep Your White Leather Clean & Pristine, but even I knew that would’ve been a mouthful and a half. As the working title would suggest, I’m going to share with you guys a few tips to keep your white leather items looking almost like new at all times.


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Fashion Outfits

The longline bomber

bomber09Words: @oliverinstead • Photos: David

In fash vocab, the term ‘longline‘ refers to a cut that is, well, longer than your average length – it was made popular by designers like Rick Owens and the almighty Kanye West himself… whose, love him or hate him, influence on contemporary streetwear is undeniable. This trend is fast becoming a staple in modern menswear and I’m here to give you a quick rundown re the longline.

在时尚词典里,“longline”指的是衣服长度比起一般过度夸长的型。时装设计师Rick Owen和饶舌歌手Kanye West是其中两位把这款服饰带到时尚最顶端的达人。因为这项潮流在市场上越来越受欢迎且普遍,我这次就在这张照型帖里想给大家带来更多关于longline的了解。

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