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Fashion Outfits S/S15


It feels good to be writing another outfit post as it’s been almost three weeks since the last one.

multiply006Words: Oliver @oliverinstead / Photos: David

I enjoy writing the odd outfit posts because these are the occasions where I’m not restricted to writing about a specific collection, designer or event – although those reviews are pretty fun to write too. Once in a while I like to stretch my imagination and allow myself some room to let my creativity fly. That’s why I’ve made the very exciting decision to join La Vida magazine as one of their interns. 🙂 Continue Reading

Fashion Interviews S/S15

Stefano Tartini Interview + French Stylist Editorial

In late September, I met the brilliant Italian jewellery designer Stefano Tartini at the ZipZone Paris showroom during Paris Fashion Week. Since then, Tartini has had an editorial feature in the French Stylist magazine, which looks absolutely incredible!!

Fr Stylist 01

Three months later, I finally have the chance to catch up with him and do a little Q&A about his brand, its philosophy and a whole bunch of other topics surrounding his stunning new creations!! Continue Reading

Fashion Interviews S/S15

Yuzzo London S/S15 Lookbook + Interview

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram (if not, follow me @oliverinstead), you probably remember that I was recently presented with the valuable opportunity conventionally reserved for industry pro to go into the ZipZone Paris showroom during Paris Fashion Week (read my Paris Diary here) – which was both exciting and eye-opening.

As if the chance to preview these talented designers’ works wasn’t enough, I also got to meet Yu Zhou, the creative director behind Yuzzo London, who I’ve been keeping close contact with in the past few weeks. All along I’d been very keen to write-up on her beautiful designs showcased at the presentation but I was also extremely eager to see the new lookbook in the works then, which is why this feature post’s been delayed for so long. However, the wait is finally over and here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Yuzzo London S/S15 lookbook:

yuzzo7yuzzo1During the time we were communicating via emails, we had a quick Q&A talking about the brand’s philosophy, her visions for the label and of course, the current collection inspired by the iconic literary character, Alice of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

  1. As a brand, what does Yuzzo London stand for? Yuzzo London is named and established by a Chinese-born fashion designer based in London (Yu Zhou herself). It is a contemporary womenswear label that aims to express inner emotions with simple and elegant designs.

Continue Reading

Fashion S/S15

Honouring Oscar

20 October 2014 marked a very sad day in fashion as we tragically lost one of the greatest and most respectable designers of our time.


Oscar de la Renta’s career spanned over six decades. He had dressed some of the most beautiful women in the most spectacular gowns, the latest lucky ladies include Amal Clooney, who recently got married in one of De la Renta’s stunning creations. The new bride describes the late great designer as “the man every woman wants to hug“.


For me, the fondest and most personal memories I hold of De la Renta are possibly the ones I spent watching The September Issue over and over again. That was when I found the ‘calling’, if you will, in my life. As a young boy who just relocated to the UK from a rural village in Malaysia, I knew next to nothing about fashion then but I was inspired by the documentary to take the writing and editing route. I suppose you could say he’d been there the whole way through with me… and despite his brief cameo appearance, De la Renta made a lasting impression on me. He came across extremely amiable and relatable. His dry sense of humour even made a conversation with Anna Wintour on a relatively uninteresting subject regarding which designer to recommend to Mango a pleasure to watch!!


It’s never easy for males to fully relate to female fashion but De la Renta’s designs truly transcended gender boundaries and stereotypes. He was the man I’d always identified with as the ultimate master of romance. As you can see in some of the highlights in his latest S/S 15 Ready-to-Wear collection featuring lots and lots of his signature florals, soft pastel tones and the occasional checks:

00400h_320x480 00550h_320x480 00010h_320x480 00350h_320x480 00130h_320x480 00320h_320x480 00120h_320x480 00050h_320x480 00160h_320x480 00230h_320x480

As he would say “elegance is a discipline of life“… then again, how could anyone NOT feel beautiful in dresses like that? In all seriousness, there really is no one better in making more romantic, more feminine and more graceful dresses and gowns.

You’ll be missed, Mr. De la Renta. Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself,” shall forever remain one of my favourite inspirational quotes and the motto I live by.


Love, Oliver

Fashion Outfits S/S15

Paris Diary, Part I: A Trip to Remember

Still can’t believe I’ve finally been to Paris after all these years! It still feels so surreal to me that I sometimes find myself just pausing for a second or two to let the experience sink in. It’d been a long time coming.


First things first, I like to apologise for not keeping up to date with my Paris Diary as I landed in the fashion capital of the world with an exhausted laptop and its charger left behind in my Manchester home.

The good news is, I had my notebook with me so I was able write down my thoughts everyday and compile a series of photos – some of which I’ll be posting on either LookBook, Instagram or Twitter (make sure you follow @oliverinstead on all platforms) but you see them here first-


Day 1 was a very early start. I was up at 3 in the morning, out the door by 4 and landed in Paris at about 9 local time. Continue Reading