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Five things I learned about: Vienna

Words: @oliverinstead • Location: The Schönbrunn Palm House, DDSG Blue Danube, etc.

If you’re following me on social (find me on Instagram / Twitter), you probably know that I spent most of the past week in Vienna. As anticipated, it was an awesome trip and throughout my brief stay there, I made a few observations and now I like to share ’em with you so here are five things I learned about the lively capital city of Austria. Continue Reading

Travel Tuesday

Five things I learned about: Oslo

Words: @oliverinstead • Location: Astrup Fearnly Museet, Norsk Folkemuseum, etc., Oslo

Welcome to another edition of #TravelTuesday! Some of you may have noticed that I skipped a post last week (if you did, thank you!) whilst some of you who follow me on Instagram (@oliverinstead) might have noticed that I’ve been to Oslo recently (if you did, thank you!!) In this post, I’m going to spill all on the trip. The goods, the bads and the fantabulouses!

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Travel Tuesday

Five necessary realisations before you travel

langkawi05Words & Photos: @oliverinstead • Location: Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

The first time I travelled out of Malaysia, I was headed to the United Kingdom with only half a carry-on suitcase of clothes, a towel, a tube of Pringles… not even real Pringles but the Malaysian knock-off called Mister Potato, and nothing else – practically no knowledge of the country, the continent, the climate or the culture apart from what I’d briefly glanced on the telly… I wasn’t even half terrified.

小弟第一次出国就是来大不列颠王国。当时候的奥利佛才刚满十九岁,护照都还是新新的,没盖过印章。身上带着半包衣服,一条毛巾和两罐洋芋片就离家了… 对欧洲这里的文化,语言,气候啥的除了在电视上看过的之外,知识只不过半桶水,不过我当时候其实一点都不怕。满心只充满兴奋和期望。

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