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Chit-chats Travel Tuesday

I Quit My Job to Travel!?

Words: @oliverinstead • Location: Somewhere pretty in Phnom Penh

So for those who follow me on socials, I’m sure you would’ve noticed that I’m currently touring Southeast Asia / working my way through the map from Phnom Penh to Penang, from Kampot to Kuching.

Today, I would like to chat quickly and briefly about why I decided to quit my day job to travel for two months. Continue Reading

Travel Tuesday

Five Things I Learned About : Copenhagen, Denmark

Words: @oliverinstead • Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen Street Food, iBagel

Scandinavia is somewhere I had always wanted to explore more of, which explains why I’ve been there twice already this year. Earlier this year I took a sort of impromptu trip to the Norwegian capital (cue my Oslo ‘Five things’ post here) and ended up having the best time so with this Copenhagen trip, the mentality was very much “let’s do it all over again!!

Now that I’ve been there and done that, here are five things I learned that I would love to share with everyone planning a trip to Copenhagen, specifically during wintertime… Continue Reading

Chit-chats Travel Tuesday

Five Things I Learned About : Vienna, Austria

Words: @oliverinstead • Location: The Schönbrunn Palm House, DDSG Blue Danube, etc.

If you’re following me on social (find me on Instagram / Twitter), you probably know that I spent most of the past week in Vienna. As anticipated, it was an awesome trip and throughout my brief stay there, I made a few observations and now I like to share ’em with you so here are five things I learned about the lively capital city of Austria. Continue Reading

Travel Tuesday

Five Things I Learned About : Oslo, Norway

Words: @oliverinstead • Location: Astrup Fearnly Museet, Norsk Folkemuseum, etc., Oslo

Welcome to another edition of #TravelTuesday! Some of you may have noticed that I skipped a post last week (if you did, thank you!) whilst some of you who follow me on Instagram (@oliverinstead) might have noticed that I’ve been to Oslo recently (if you did, thank you!!) In this post, I’m going to spill all on the trip. The goods, the bads and the fantabulouses!

Continue Reading