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Music Tracks of the Week

Track of the Week: Josef Salvat “Open Season”

Sorry for the delay but I was enjoying myself way too much in Paris and got totally buried under tons of writing to catch up on, managing my social media presence (I’m on LookBook now! And will try to be more active on Google+ too) and attending my first event as a fashion writer (head to my Twitter feed for details).


So, with the track of last week, I like to introduce you to Aussie-born, London-based Josef Salvat and the stunning new track from his new EP In Your Prime, called Open Season.


The track begins with a percussion that’s soon to be distracted by Salvat’s deep, dramatic voice that grabs your attention with every inspirational word elicited.

The punchy chorus reminds me of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home, yeah, with the explosion multiplied by ten. As soon as it hits, you know you’re hooked and the next thing you know, you’ll find yourself singing along. Go on, tell me I’m wrong. 😉

Littered with piano keys and synths here and there, this is one slick and intuitive track beautifully done.


Salvat’s name may sound unfamiliar to most but he is not exactly new to the scene.

Early last year, he released his debut single This Life (included in In Your Prime), followed by Hustle in June and Every Night in October the same year. Apart from that, he’s been pretty much flying under the radar ever since. But as it turns out he’s been busy recording this short and sweet masterpiece packed with unusual rhythms and lyrics… I mean I’d never heard anyone describing a road as “arbitrary” in a song before. Not even metaphorically… Have you?


Love, Oliver

*In Your Prime is out on iTunes NOW!!
Music Tracks of the Week

Track of the Week: Kate Miller “Fortify”

Neophyte - EP

For those who are unfamiliar with the newcomer, Kate Miller is a singer-songwriter and art student based in London.

Fortify kicks off with a strong percussion laced with a steady synth that’s bound to be an instant hook. The decorative guitar riff in the chorus and mellow vocals sound as though Daft Punk (think Lose Yourself to Dance) and Jessie Ware had made an Indie, artsy baby. Though the lustful lyrics might suggest that the talent who penned them is anything but innocent.


Fortify is not exactly a new track. It premiered a couple of months ago on Miller’s SoundCloud, but it’s just become available to download on iTunes last week (OctaHate much?) so yeah… any excuse to include it on my blog because it’s just too good.

However, a couple of remixes on Miller’s new track Collar Up were posted on her SoundCloud this past week. Including this one by NYC-based producer, Belanger;

Remixed or otherwise, Collar Up is generally more infectious and crowd-pleasing in comparison to Fortify but both tracks play to different strengths of this rising star.


All I can say is “watch this space”.


Love, Oliver

*Fortify is out now whilst the debut EP Neophyte (includes Collar Up) is available to preorder on iTunes UK (out 28/09).
Music Tracks of the Week

Track of the Week: You+Me “You & Me”

This past week, Alecia Moore (better known as P!nk) announced that she has teamed up with Canadian Folk singer-songwriter Dallas Green for a collaborative album titled Rose Ave. under the band name You+Me.


Now, I don’t know about you but this, for me, is one of the most exciting musical events this year. Especially since last month The Civil Wars (aka one of the best collaborative pair-ups ever) decided to part ways, leaving a huge gap in the Folk Pop genre or the music industry in general desparate to be filled.


Along with the announcement of a new album, came the lead single You & Me,

In the track, the pop princess harmonises beautifully with the man behind City and Colour on top of his acoustic guitar instrumental.

I personally adore P!nk’s maturity in this that will sure be mistaken for lacklusterness… simply because this is no Get The Party Started. Or U + Ur Hand. Or So What. Or Raise Your Glass. Or Blow Me (One Last Kiss). But I’m all for artists reinventing themselves, conducting harmless creative experiments and if the results produce lyrical perfection like /you say everything, it happens for a reason – you can be flawed enough but perfect for a person/, why complain?


Love, Oliver

*Rose Ave. is now available to preorder on Amazon UK (release date on website 13 Oct)
Music Tracks of the Week

Track of the Week: Jessie Ware “Want Your Feeling”

My first ever Track of The Week is Jessie Ware‘s infectious new jam Want Your Feeling off her sophomore album, Tough Love, due early next month.

Tough Love (Deluxe Version) 1

Co-written by Dev Hynes and produced by James Ford, the track reflects the combined retro disco groove of Blood Orange and Simian Mobile Disco.

The funky synths and bass line make this one of those songs that are simply impossible to fall in love with at first listen. And now that the summer is coming to an end, this breezy track just bridges the gap between a musically rather eventful season and winter perfectly.

Having listened to this live performance at Barbican in London, it comes as no surprise that the songstress describes the track as “so fun to play live”.

Add this to the title track, Share It All and Say You Love Me, Ms Ware may be the proud owner of one of this year’s most solid albums… already.


Love, Oliver

*Want Your Feeling is available when preorder Tough Love on iTunes (out 06/10)