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Track of the Week: Sia “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile”


This week we got a surprise release from Sia for the upcoming 2014 film adaptation of Annie. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile is only one of the three tracks by the humble Aussie chart-topper in the soundtrack.

Unfamiliar with the original source material, I did my research (YouTube…) and now I’m feeling a tad averse to calling the reworked version a cover purely because it’s almost unrecognisable from its 1977 original number, no offence but in the most fabulous way possible!

I can see that the opening line’s been changed from /Hey, hobo man/Hey, Dapper Dan/ to /Hey, America/Let’s turn it up/, which is bound to throw some fans off. Whereas the oh-so-out-of-date Beau Brommell reference has been replaced by modern fashion powerhouses Chanel and Gucci that people actually know of… after all, the film is set in the 21st century.

Sia’s vocals, as usual, are melancholic with just enough energy to carry the glossy booming beats off.


The newly penned lyrics and overall updated production is so much more polished, more relevant, more contemporary… and generally more pleasingly Sia. If all Broadway musicals sounded like this, even I would feel more inclined to pay closer attention to the genre! Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do?


Love, Oliver

*YNFDWAM is available to pre-order on iTunes UK – Annie is scheduled to hit the cinemas in mid-December.

Are you looking forward to the new Annie film? Tell me what you think of Sia’s take on this childhood classic of many!