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As the biting chill in the air alerts me of the fast-approaching autumn/winter, I turn to my wardrobe and give it a quick freshening up.

transition001Words: Oliver | Photos: Susan from Dresses & Travels

I must admit I love this time of the year, more for the fashion than the cold, obviously… the festive spirits and those shop windows filled with autumnal clothes that never fail to slow down my pace, who could resist them, eh? So here is me wrapped up in one of my fav transitional trends! Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits


It won’t be long until Suede & Symphony celebrates its first anniversary and what a year it’s been!!

sweeter001Words: Oliver @oliverinstead / Photos: David

There are so many layers to blogging that people don’t see, both the good and the not-so-glamorous, like the days of planning that precedes a brief, ten-minute photoshoot but there are also other aspects of it that have seriously enriched my life in the best imaginable ways possible. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits


Another season of London Collections: Men has come and gone. I’ve been to a total of 19 runway shows, presentations and exhibitions in the space of four days – days where I really wished spanned more than 24 hours and I’ve seen quite a number of A-list celebrities.

secondnature003Words: Oliver @oliverinstead / Photos: David

However, among the glitz and glamour, the lights and the liveliness of it all, it’s easy to lose any senses you might hold of fashion… Continue Reading