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Let’s talk about: Love

love hoodie 002
Words: @oliverinstead • Photo: David

Amidst all the division and hatred that’s been going on in the real world – I emphasise on the ‘real’ world because it’s no longer something you see through a telly screen the second it happens in the very city you wake up every morning, go to work, return at night and lay your head to sleep – I just want to spread some positivity and talk only of ‘love‘.

Notes : the traditional Chinese character stands for ‘love‘. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits



For a long time, the closest things to what you would call designer goods I could afford were off the disorganised rails in TKMAxx that I’d sadly have to compromise on the fit and style or the rare charity shop finds in inferior condition…

possession001Words: Oliver @oliverinstead / Photos: David

but that was before I discovered Videdressing, thanks to whom, it’s now possible for me to find and own designer clothes and accessories without having to break the bank… and so can you! *Giveaway alert* Read on to see how you can bag yourself some goodies!! Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

OOTD // Sports Luxe x Smart Cash in Inle Lake


First of all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! It’s a great shame that I’m not home to share this all important occasion on the Lunar calender with my family so this one is for them, but what I’m able to share with all of you guys is this new outfit post… which is just as good… Yes/Yes? Anyway, after my wonderful stay in Northern Thailand, I decamped to Myanmar, or “Burma” as some of you may know it as.


This shoot took place at an old style merchant shop front, a location I selected for personal reasons. It spoke to me in a nostagic kind of way as I grew up in another(!!) British colony where reminiscence of the colonial times like this was easily evident pretty much everywhere, so I felt at home in this completely alien place.

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