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Brunch at Cosy Club

Words & Photos: Yours truly

Alright, so I’m a self-confessed foodie but admittedly not the most adventurous when it comes to checking out all the new, hip places. Once I find somewhere I like it just becomes my go-to.

So when Cosy Club reached out to me offering an opportunity to try out their new summer menu, which features a selection of new meat-free dishes – I said yes. As it’s a well established staple in the Manchester dining scene that I’d heard/read lots about but never got to try.

Disclaimer: Even though the meal was on the house, my review is completely unbiased – also, please note that I can only judge the meal on the veggie-friendly dishes I had and that my review doesn’t cover the meat dishes you’ll see in the photos.



The vibe : 9/10

Cosy Club is located in the Corn Exchange, a stunning grade II listed building in the heart of Manchester.

We were there on a Saturday afternoon, and the whole restaurant was packed and full of life… Of course the Cosy Club crew was expecting our arrival so we got a table. No problemo! – but the place filled up fast when we were there so if you’d like to make sure you get a table, I’d advise you to make a reservation to avoid disappointment!



The service : 10/10

To be completely honest, we didn’t receive the warmest welcome when we arrived at the restaurant so I was a little sceptical as to how the visit would go. However, as soon as we sat down and were introduced to our waitress, everything changed for the absolute best!

Tanica was so bubbly and friendly, and despite all my annoying blogger-y requests, she maintained a big smile on her face throughout the meal and nothing was ever too much trouble. I couldn’t rave about her enough! For real, here’s a massive shout-out to Tanica!!


The food : 8.5/10

Cosy Club offers a very extensive menu: you can choose from the brunch, sandwiches, burgers, tapas, or the standard à la carte section. There‘s plenty on the menu that I would’ve liked to try, that’s why I opted for a selection of tapas so I could have a taste of different things, whilst my plus one went for the Golden Dame chicken burger.

Judging by the dishes I had, I can safely say that everything and every ingredient tasted super fresh so I couldn’t fault the food in that sense. However, if I was to make one constructive comment, it’d be that it all tasted a tad bland to me. Speaking from my experience, I find this to be quite a common occurrence – I really don’t think people know quite how to season vegetarian dishes yet. Sure, I understand that it’s important to preserve the natural flavours of quality ingredients and not to overpower them, but with something like cauliflower, a little seasoning is definitely necessary.

In terms of desserts, the chocolate bombe is the perfect treat if you had a really, really sweet tooth whilst the mini doughnuts are just to die for – easily the best doughnuts I’ve had in a long time!



All things considered, I’d quite happily give Cosy Club a solid 8.5. I found the food to be tasty all-round but could be a little hit-and-miss.

Would I go back? 100%. Would I recommend Cosy Club to my friends? I already have!

What about you? Have you dined at a Cosy Club before, and have you tried their meat-free dishes? Comment below!


You can read more about Cosy Club and find their summer menu here.


Oliver ❤

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