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Fashion Interviews S/S15

Stefano Tartini Interview + French Stylist Editorial

In late September, I met the brilliant Italian jewellery designer Stefano Tartini at the ZipZone Paris showroom during Paris Fashion Week. Since then, Tartini has had an editorial feature in the French Stylist magazine, which looks absolutely incredible!!

Fr Stylist 01

Three months later, I finally have the chance to catch up with him and do a little Q&A about his brand, its philosophy and a whole bunch of other topics surrounding his stunning new creations!! Continue Reading

Fashion Interviews S/S15

Yuzzo London S/S15 Lookbook + Interview

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram (if not, follow me @oliverinstead), you probably remember that I was recently presented with the valuable opportunity conventionally reserved for industry pro to go into the ZipZone Paris showroom during Paris Fashion Week (read my Paris Diary here) – which was both exciting and eye-opening.

As if the chance to preview these talented designers’ works wasn’t enough, I also got to meet Yu Zhou, the creative director behind Yuzzo London, who I’ve been keeping close contact with in the past few weeks. All along I’d been very keen to write-up on her beautiful designs showcased at the presentation but I was also extremely eager to see the new lookbook in the works then, which is why this feature post’s been delayed for so long. However, the wait is finally over and here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Yuzzo London S/S15 lookbook:

yuzzo7yuzzo1During the time we were communicating via emails, we had a quick Q&A talking about the brand’s philosophy, her visions for the label and of course, the current collection inspired by the iconic literary character, Alice of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

  1. As a brand, what does Yuzzo London stand for? Yuzzo London is named and established by a Chinese-born fashion designer based in London (Yu Zhou herself). It is a contemporary womenswear label that aims to express inner emotions with simple and elegant designs.

Continue Reading


Published Photographs in Pro Landscaper (September 2014)


So this came in the post while I was away in Paris! Flip to Page 50 and there it is! My photographs printed right across a two-page spread!!

DSC_0594DSC_0607Around this time last year, I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to photograph the completed site of this stunning garden in Chorlton created by the multi-award winning designer, David Keegan Garden Design for his application to Northern Design Awards 2013. The creative process of this garden was driven by an incredible story and inspiration – read more about it in this blog post dedicated to Victoria and Andy from the designer himself here.

The project won the Best Residential Landscaping category and recently had a three-page feature in Pro Landscaper, which included the photos I took all those months ago.

DSC_0606DSC_0601It’s strange to see these pictures in this context… partially because I can still remember walking around the site trying to capture every interesting angle, which was pretty much every angle! But also rather surreal in the sence that I never imagined seeing these pictures actually published physically. I guess now I can proudly add “published photographer” to my résumé.

To everyone who allowed me to be involved in this project, it was an indescribable honour to photograph the beautiful spirits of this therapeutic garden. Thank you.


Love, Oliver

*You can find the digital copy of the September issue here.
A/W14 Fashion Features

The Fun in Fashion

Soon after my first article was published on Back To Black (a Manchester-based online fashion magazine), I was given the task to write about the recent rise of ‘fun’ fashion, which was an honour because the website serves as a brilliant platform for reporting the goings-on in the international fashion scene to a greater and more local masses.


Here is the article in its unedited, original form:

“From the Chanel models showcasing the collection in a pseudo-supermarket to Kellogg’s mascots jumping out of cereal boxes onto Anya Hindmarch totes in a breakfast-fashion crossover. Not to mention SpongeBob SquarePants’ whimsical appearance and Jeremy Scott’s clever yet controversial use of fast food and snack wrappers in Moschino, a collection that’s taken the season by storm. It may seem as though a hurricane of joy and humour has hit the international fashion scenes in A/W14.

008_320x480 002_426x639

00080h_320x480 00330h_320x480

In Milan, Fendi sends Cara Delevingne down the runway holding a furry Karl Lagerfeld doll. While over in London, she dances instead of strut down the catwalk of Stella McCartney alongside fellow models and takes selfie videos on the catwalk of Giles (search “Cara for Giles AW14” on YouTube *or just watch below*).


The efforts to brighten up the mood in fashion is obviously working as we witness loud cheering crowds, a high-five from guests to models during show time and front-row selfies bombarding social media.


Turning up to a show fully preened, accessorised with a pen and notebook as well as a pair of dark glasses that did nothing to cover up the long face is no more. Gone are the gloomy days when guests would be frowned upon for making sudden movements ever so slight as a blink. Now, attending a show is enjoyable as it should be!


*I’ve removed some pictures here but just imagine happy people wearing fabulous clothes*

The breeze of fresh cheerful air carries onto the street where fashionistas finally display a ray of sunshine in their street snaps that actually compliment their good looks and even better clothes.


Just last season, this anarchy would’ve been unheard of but whatever it is that is blowing the seriousness out of fashion, it’s a welcomed change. And no one is complaining.”

Link to the edited version:


Seriously, what a joy it was to research and put together this piece of journal!!

Looking at the inventive yet playful creations by Jeremy Scott and Anya Hindmarch reminded me so much of why I fell in love with fashion in the first place.

To quote John Galliano, “the joy of dressing is an art” and to paraphrase the great man, the art of dressing is supposed to be fun. Me thinks.


Love, Oliver

I’m currently writing another piece for BTB about the girl who is in everyone’s campaign this season… and last season. And the season before. And presumably the many more seasons to come. Can you guess who?