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Answering My FAQs About : Homecoming

Words: Yours truly • Photos: David • Location: Stewart Lane, Penang

If you’ve been following my activities on Instagram, you’d know that since my previous blog I’ve left the UK and travelled to five different countries; Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia where I am now… and like all my other homecoming trips, I had to make a pit-stop in Penang – after all, I’m half a Penangite!

Before I embarked on this (yet another) very eye-opening trip, a few people started asking me questions about my experience as a person living far away from their family… so I’ll be sharing all my answers this #TravelTuesday! Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

OOTD: Happy Halloween!!

It’s that time of the year again… The only time when you’re permitted to throw rotten eggs at people’s houses, although I’m sure they would prefer it if you don’t *hint*. The only time in the year when you can get away with wearing head-to-toe black without having to worry about Anna Wintour’s judgement (watch this video if you don’t know what I’m talking about).



I must confess though, I wouldn’t traditionally celebrate Halloween… in fact, I never have and don’t intend to do so this year either, but I figured I should join in the festive spirits and make an effort to dress up a little for the event so here’s an outfit I feel is appropriate for my OOTD today.

3916001039160011Tee: River Island | Skinnies: Topman | Loafers: Topman

I’m not really one to wear generic tees. I love a tee with an irregular shape, cut or design. Continue Reading