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Where do I find inspiration for my style? Historically, I would have to consult female magazines like Vogue, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar as I’ve always found them generally more informative and accessible.

inspire001Words: Oliver @oliverinstead / Photos: Laura

But times have changed, male fashion is now considered just as big a deal as its counterpart. The new digital age has introduced me to a whole new load of e-resources I can turn to when I need a doze of mens style inspo. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

OOTD: Bringing Florida to London

Here is an outfit I wore to London a couple of weekends ago:London jumper1

This Topman hooded trench coat was the only shield I brought with me for the three day trip down south to visit some friends. I styled it differently for each day but this was probably my favourite out of all and definitely the most practical for the unexpectedly bitter cold in the capital. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

OOTD: Powder Dressing


It’s Friday already!! Where’s the week gone?? This is starting to feel almost like a weekly update in the past couple of weeks… I might as well just do OOTW(eek) instead. lol All jokes aside, I have some exciting plans coming up in the next few days, including another outfit update (YES!! Two in the space of a week) and a little extra something that accompanies so watch this space!!

Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

Paris Diary, Part III: Strange Sunday

On day 4 in Paris I learned that Sunday was not a good day for having any plans at all.


I had originally dedicated my Sunday for clothes shopping, which had to be postponed since NOTHING was open… except for the little independent cafes and restaurants and Marché de Montreuil, which was chaotic. It reminded me so much of the markets back in rural Malaysia but with far less sophisticated organisational system. There were mounts and mounts of second-hand clothes you’d need hours to rummage through. I tried on a few Burberry coats in very good nick but none of them fit me as well as I hoped they would.


From the limited choices, we chose to venture down to the River Seine and go on the boat ride to see some of the most incredible sights in Paris…


Short sleeve shirt: H&M | Skinnies: Topman | Shoes: Frank Wright

I considered this as my take on the sailor look made famous by legendary French fashion designer and style icon Gabrielle Chanel – I called it the “alternative nautical“… Continue Reading