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#OliverxTopman // Part Two

Words: @oliverinstead / Photos: David

Topman has always been one of my fav go-to high street stores for smart and on trend pieces. When it comes to the cut and fit, they’re arguably second-to-none. Last week, I revealed my two-part collaboration with Topman (read Part One) where I took on the challenge to style a party ‘hero’ piece in both daytime and evening look. Here, I present to you the followup. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits


Apologies for not updating my blog and my other social media accounts as regularly as I would have liked in the last couple of weeks! My recent acquisition of a new, full-time job means that I’ve had to make minor adjustments to my usual hour arrangement and pretty much adopt a new lifestyle in most aspects.

contrast004Words: Oliver @oliverinstead / Photos: Laura

Don’t mistake this for ranting. I’m in fact embracing all of the changes with this outfit – in apparel form, the perfect representation for the stage I’m going through at the moment. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

OOTD: Winter-Sun Slouch + Giveaway!

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of winter sun? The warmth of your breath visible in the air and the sunlight scattered on your skin – it just brings a certain something-something that makes the numb fingers and runny nose that much more tolerable.

*Special giveaway announcement at the end of the post!!

Scarf reshoot05

Personally, I sometimes struggle to care about what I wear when it’s cold out unless it’s for any special occasions, which there can be many during this festive time but for others, I just find it hard to give two rat’s arses about precise dressing. Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

OOTD: Mustard On Wildflower

Despite my persistent refusal to acknowledge its arrival, the winter is most definitely here.

After the longer than usual summer, I’m feeling very reluctant to get the jackets and coats out and give in to the harsh weather. However, having been brought up in the tropics, I can’t help but feel the cold, very much! So just for a little bit of protection and warmth, I dug out a jumper bought with an Outfit giftcard I received as a Christmas present from my good friend, Joycelyn. Thanks Joycelyn!

LB3Jumper: Burton | Shirt: Topman | Skinnies: Topman | Brogues: Jasper Conran

The entire outfit was inspired by the ever-changing landscape and colour of the Snake Pass, just under an hour drive outside Manchester. It’s one of my favourite retreats from the hectic city life I now lead. The general palette is intended to mirror the autumnal colour in the surroundings – the olive-y moss green in the skinnies and rotten leaf brown in the brogues. Same applies to the wildflower print shirt underneath the jumper, a reflection of the unpretentious, unprocessed nature… a bit like a camouflage, covered in mustard.


Love, Oliver

*Special thanks to my partner in crime, David for all the fabulous piccies… of me. 😉
Fashion Outfits

Paris Diary, Part II: From Up Above

One of the things I look forward to seeing the most when I visit a new city anywhere in the world, is the local market. I have done in the last couple of years with Milan, Apriltsi in Bulgaria, the Chinatown in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Yangon and my personal favourite ones back home in Malaysia (yes, I do enjoy a bit of travelling…) I find it’s one of the things that best reflect a place’s true colours.

This trip was no different.


Day 3 I visited Paris’ oldest and most famous flea market – Marché aux Puces at the North end of Metro Line 4. Continue Reading