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Music Round-Up // May

Just because I don’t write enough music posts and this interest of mine is what fuels my daily life, I have come up with a great idea to keep up with modern music on my blog… after all, it’s called Suede & Symphony.

may musicWords: Oliver @oliverinstead

Starting now, at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month, I will be making one special post to share my absolutely favourite releases in the last four weeks. These will be the tracks that are skyrocketing on my iTunes play count, the tracks I’ve kept on repeat all month long.

Please note that I will only consider those I have actually listened to so if there’s been a particularly popular song and I have somehow missed it, then it’s unlikely it’ll appear on my lists… but if you think it’s a track that I really need to know, please feel free to tweet me about it @oliverinstead or simply let me know in the comments below!


Tove Styrke “Number One”

Conveniently kicking off the list is Number One by the Swedish songtress:

It hasn’t been long since Tove appeared in a music post of mine with one of the previous singles, Borderline (read here) off her sophomore album, Kiddo – which will also serve as her first crack at the US market. With the addition of this glittery synth-led jam, the record is shaping up very nicely indeed.

* * *

Pia Mia “Do It Again (feat. Chris Brown & Tyga)”

Teaming up with the dynamic duo, Pia Mia has the song of the summer:

I’ve been following Pia’s rise to superstardom fairly closely. It was her contribution to Divergent’s soundtrack that initially caught my attention but then she went on to produce some of the most solid EPs and now I’m just proud to see this budding popstarlet getting the recognition she deserves with this smash hit… but that’s not all, she’s also scored herself a Missguided campaign!

So if you don’t already know who Pia Mia is yet, better start getting used to this voice and face.

* * *

Josef Salvat “Till I Found You”

Having seen him perform live (and boy, does he perform) and heard all of his official as well as some yet-to-release materials, I can safely say that Salvat’s upcoming debut is one of the most exciting this year.

As usual, he matches explosive beats with heartfelt lyrics that don’t simply paint pictures but take you places. Till I Found You is no less cinematic than any of his previous works and I’m seriously in love with it.

* * *

Little Mix “Black Magic”

Probably the most mainstream track on my list this month.

I was skeptical at first when the X-Factor champs talked about its “unusualness” but having listened to it, I honestly have to say I’m really liking the new sound. Although the lyrics are merely passable and the singing isn’t bad for a Pop tune (I have heard way better performances from the girls, cue Turn Your Face), it’s the 80s beats that make this track what it is – a rhythmic nostalgic trip back in time. I mean, is this the new age Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or what?

* * *

Adam Lambert “Underground”

From the current Queen frontman, Underground is perhaps my favourite song from an American Idol alum in the last five years.

Unlike most typical Lambert songs, this is a dark, almost haunting R&B ballad that is stripped off of all the extras and theatrics. What’s left here is pure emotion-filled vocal deliveries – Adam proves just why he’s so rightfully the Freddie Mercury of our time.

If you like this, then I strongly recommend you to check out Ghost Town, which is yet another eargasm of a track.


So what do you think of my picks? Do you have a favourtie? What songs have you been blasting in the past month? Let me know and stay tuned for my June selection!!


Love, Oliver


BANKS Goddess UK Tour – The Ritz, Manchester

If you follow me on Instagram (@oliverinstead), or even had a quick glimpse of my recent IG feed on the sidebar, you would probably remember that I am a proud owner of BANKS‘ debut album entitled Goddess (talk about appropriate album naming). Last night, I was very lucky to be able to watch the goddess herself perform at The Ritz, Manchester!!


A few months ago, I became aware of this gig purely by chance when I was flipping through a random magazine left on a table at my workplace… out of excitement, I actually ripped the page off!! Initially I was hesitant to let £25 part with my wallet because my current financial state doesn’t exactly allow this sort of luxury to indulge as much as I would’ve liked but as soon as I found out that Josef Salvat, who I previously reviewed (here) was supporting, I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed!! Continue Reading

Music Tracks of the Week

Track of the Week: Josef Salvat “Open Season”

Sorry for the delay but I was enjoying myself way too much in Paris and got totally buried under tons of writing to catch up on, managing my social media presence (I’m on LookBook now! And will try to be more active on Google+ too) and attending my first event as a fashion writer (head to my Twitter feed for details).


So, with the track of last week, I like to introduce you to Aussie-born, London-based Josef Salvat and the stunning new track from his new EP In Your Prime, called Open Season.


The track begins with a percussion that’s soon to be distracted by Salvat’s deep, dramatic voice that grabs your attention with every inspirational word elicited.

The punchy chorus reminds me of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home, yeah, with the explosion multiplied by ten. As soon as it hits, you know you’re hooked and the next thing you know, you’ll find yourself singing along. Go on, tell me I’m wrong. 😉

Littered with piano keys and synths here and there, this is one slick and intuitive track beautifully done.


Salvat’s name may sound unfamiliar to most but he is not exactly new to the scene.

Early last year, he released his debut single This Life (included in In Your Prime), followed by Hustle in June and Every Night in October the same year. Apart from that, he’s been pretty much flying under the radar ever since. But as it turns out he’s been busy recording this short and sweet masterpiece packed with unusual rhythms and lyrics… I mean I’d never heard anyone describing a road as “arbitrary” in a song before. Not even metaphorically… Have you?


Love, Oliver

*In Your Prime is out on iTunes NOW!!