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Breakfast at Juniper Hale

Words & Photos: Yours truly

So this came as a bit of a random opportunity but a few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch night at Juniper’s new restaurant in Hale… and to be completely honest, I wasn’t too impressed with my experience then – with both their food and their service – but I put that down to a number of factors: 1) perhaps a new team of staff; 2) maybe a new menu; 3) possibly the number of attendees; and 4) definitely the rush.

Not long after the launch, I decided to give it another try (largely because we were gifted vouchers to spend on another meal) and I was pleasantly surprised – so let me walk you through why…

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Fashion Outfits

Paris Diary, Part IV: Too Much Left Unseen

Day 5 was my last day in Paris. It was going to be a long one too knowing that I had a late flight that evening as well as the much anticipated shopping and all the last minute sightseeings in the day.


Paris is brilliant for shopping, as everyone knows, but there are two French stores that I was particularly fond of – celio* and San Marina. I stumbled upon celio* when mooching up and down Rue de Rivoli looking in stores I was more familiar with, like Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear and H&M as I insisted on retaining my “better the devil you know” attitude but it was proven that a bit of impulsive exploration into foreign shops wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it benefited my retail therapy greatly. They had a huge selection of classic and contemporary menswear at amazing prices, especially at half price (sale still on as of time of posting). I bought a shirt and 2 great jumpers, one of which has already had an outing at the 7 For All Mankind event I was invited to last week.

In San Marina near the Saint-Michel Metro stop, I got to try on some fabulous quality leather shoes… and bring home with me a pair of my own. In terms of prices, I probably could’ve found more affordable but when converted to Sterling, they actualy weren’t ridiculously expensive considering what you get. Life is just too short for tacky-looking shoes. Yes/Yes?


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Fashion Outfits

Paris Diary, Part III: Strange Sunday

On day 4 in Paris I learned that Sunday was not a good day for having any plans at all.


I had originally dedicated my Sunday for clothes shopping, which had to be postponed since NOTHING was open… except for the little independent cafes and restaurants and Marché de Montreuil, which was chaotic. It reminded me so much of the markets back in rural Malaysia but with far less sophisticated organisational system. There were mounts and mounts of second-hand clothes you’d need hours to rummage through. I tried on a few Burberry coats in very good nick but none of them fit me as well as I hoped they would.


From the limited choices, we chose to venture down to the River Seine and go on the boat ride to see some of the most incredible sights in Paris…


Short sleeve shirt: H&M | Skinnies: Topman | Shoes: Frank Wright

I considered this as my take on the sailor look made famous by legendary French fashion designer and style icon Gabrielle Chanel – I called it the “alternative nautical“… Continue Reading

Fashion Outfits

Paris Diary, Part II: From Up Above

One of the things I look forward to seeing the most when I visit a new city anywhere in the world, is the local market. I have done in the last couple of years with Milan, Apriltsi in Bulgaria, the Chinatown in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Yangon and my personal favourite ones back home in Malaysia (yes, I do enjoy a bit of travelling…) I find it’s one of the things that best reflect a place’s true colours.

This trip was no different.


Day 3 I visited Paris’ oldest and most famous flea market – Marché aux Puces at the North end of Metro Line 4. Continue Reading